Improving brand recognition through effective signage

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Improving brand recognition through effective signage

Signage is something that is seen by humans EVERYDAY. You might take it for granted, but you see effective signage pretty much every minute of everyday. Whether its the common street sign, the gender sign on the toilet door to any small or large business you visit throughout the day, signage is what drives decisions.

Most of those examples were subtle bits of signage scattered in your normal day, but what we want to talk about is brand signage and what it can do for your business.

Signage that is seen in your business’ physical space is an extension of your brand, so it is an opportunity for you to show the character and offering you have to potential customers. Whether it’s big or small, signage represents the perception you wish to be portrayed and the brand identity you want to identify with. Recognition of your brand to passing customers is what will drive traffic and repeated visits.

Dan Murphy’s are a great example of a brand that keeps it simple. 3 things: Brand Mark (shadow image), Logo and their key price message

So with that in mind, here are a few tips that will help you along the way with your signage design:

Clear & Concise
Wherever you land with your design, you need to make sure it is simple for the customer to understand. Too much information or detail on signage can be overwhelming, think of what the signs purpose is and how long the customer will see it! There is no point putting 10 lines of text on a sign which will normally be seen for 2-3 seconds.

Pick a hero element
Businesses which have made it big are more often then not, recognised for a particular element or mark within there brand. Traditionally it is done in the logo, as most businesses will develop a logo that is unique and aligned to the brands identity. It’s hard pressed to see logos from Apple, Facebook, Nike and not be able to tell what the brand is. That’s because they made those marks their HERO and that was their main focus from a branding point of view.

Arguably the most recognisable logo on the planet

Use engaging visuals
More often then not, brands that use colours or design that aren’t the norm are the ones the get the best cut through. There are so many elements of your design that don’t have to follow the normal playbook. Think about colour, font, shapes, shading and scale when designing. All of those elements are key to creating recognition in your brand. When you do develop what you want, ensure it can be used on multiple channels, no point designing something that looks great on a facebook page, if you’re unable to use it on signage.

There’s no magic formula to getting it right the first time, it is something you will develop through designing over and over. Use the opinion of others (people that will give you clear feedback) and trust your gut. Ultimetly you’re the one steering the ship, so once you’re happy, then run with it!

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